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About David Yarian, Ph.D.

david yarian and hudson enjoying natureDavid Yarian, Ph.D. has loved nature since playing in the fields and woods near his childhood home in East Texas. In 1970 he sewed an ecology patch on an old army surplus jacket and has been an environmentalist ever since.

After graduate school in Ann Arbor, Michigan, David moved to Nashville, TN in 1978 and is a clinical psychologist and sex therapist in private practice. His professional website is He has produced an online self help resource, The Guide to Self Help Books.

He’s a Life Member of the Sierra Club, and supports many other environmental organizations. He enjoys sailing, hiking, nature-related travel, woodworking, reading and fiction writing. He is married to Sandi Anders and has two grown children – and a new granddaughter!

David also co-wrote the self help resource, The Alchemy of Peace & Love: Magical Meditations to Calm Your Mind and Lift Your Spirit.