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Renewable Energy: Our Clean Energy Future

World energy usage nearly doubled between 1975 and 2005, while China’s energy usage doubles every decade. Worldwide oil production has peaked and is now declining. The U.S. burns a billion tons of coal per year; natural gas supplies are at critically low levels.

Additionally, 250 years of relying upon these fossil fuels for global energy needs has caused potentially catastrophic climate change . . . learn more»


Fossil Fuels: The End of an Era

We are in the late afternoon of the long, smoggy day of fossil fuels. In the eighteenth century, coal was the energy source that heated the boilers and fired the forges of the Industrial Revolution – and it remains the (dirty) fuel of convenience for the generation of electricity today. Petroleum and natural gas first appeared in commercial quantities beginning in the 1850s, supplanting whale oil as the source of illumination and lubrication . . . learn more»


Renewable Energy: Solar, Water and Wind Power

Solar, water and wind power represent the most promising, as well as the most powerful, sources of renewable energy. These energy sources flow around us constantly, as sunlight falls upon the Earth's surface; as rivers flow to the sea and the tides rise and fall and the surface of the ocean perpetually moves up and down in waves; and as the wind blows over the Earth’s surface.

These energy sources do not depend on extracting materials from the Earth, except those used in constructing the energy generation equipment . . . learn more»


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