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Welcome to Earth Orbit!

Welcome to Earth Orbit: Reflections on Nature and the Environment!

In this blog I want to share my experience of nature, my deep concerns for the state of the Earth’s environment – and resources for those who wish to learn more.

Earth Orbit is part of a larger site I have developed over the last few months: This site is a compendium of the best books and resources on all things pertaining to nature and the environment – from stunning Earth photography to books on global warming, biodiversity, conservation, water resources, renewable energy, population growth, ecology, the environmental movement, ecopsychology, nature spirituality, and more.

Along with nature photography I’ve also included an extensive section on Nature writing – from the earliest writings about the flora and fauna of the North American continent to the latest, award-winning books on Nature.

The art and nature photography and nature writing, as well as sections on Ecopsychology and Nature Spirituality address the heart and soul of our deep, primal connection with Nature.

The more technical aspects of preserving the Earth’s environment and addressing various issues such as population growth, renewable energy, sustainable design, ecological economics are covered in their own dedicated sections of

As a practicing psychologist, I’m always alert to the balance between head and heart. Feeling and emotion without cognition is ungrounded, diffuse; thought without feeling is dry and lacks passion.

In our struggle to save this planet, we need heart and soul and the best technical expertise we can muster. When we get discouraged from reading grim statistics and projections about the state of the environment, it’s heartening to look out the window to see spring leaves bursting forth, white clouds drifting across the blue sky. The nurturing embrace of the natural environment is a welcome reminder that Life intends to persist.

Beth Nielson Chapman has a song, Life Holds On, in which the refrain echoes again and again: “Life holds on, given the slightest chance.”

Despite the almost overwhelming nature of the environmental challenge facing us — we can do this! There are millions of concerned Earth citizens working to bring about change. We have the tools, the science, the know-how and the resources to effect substantive change in the health of our environment. We lack only the will.

Saving the Earth – let’s do it together!

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