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Renewable Energy:
Hydro-electric Power and Tidal Power

Recommended Books on Renewable Energy: Hydro-electric Power and Tidal Power

The Economics of Hydroelectric PowerThe Economics of Hydroelectric Power
Brian K. Edwards

Brian Edwards provides an in-depth analysis of how dams are used in water management, flood control and irrigation, as well as the environmental impacts of their construction and operation. He examines the types of restrictions imposed on operators to mitigate impacts, and the resulting tradeoffs between achieving hydroelectric generation and environmental management objectives. Case studies of dams operated by the United States Department of Energy are also included. 2003, Edward Elgar Publishers

Elements of Tidal-Electric EngineeringElements of Tidal-Electric Engineering
Robert H. Clark

This comprehensive overview of tidal-electric power generation guides the user in evaluating the feasibility of a proposed location for power generation. It includes major factors to consider in selecting a site; tidal power schemes; predicting the estuary's response to the proposed installation; procedures to optimize plant output; and environmental impact of proposed construction and operation. The book also includes an examination of commercially operating plants and a brief review of sites that have been the subject of investigation for potential installations. 2007, Wiley

MicrohydroMicrohydro: Clean Power from Water
Scott Davis

Hydroelectricity is the world's largest - and cleanest - source of renewable energy. But despite lively interest in renewables generally, there is an information vacuum about the smallest version of the technology dubbed "the simplest, most reliable and least expensive way to generate power off grid." Highly illustrated and practical, Microhydro covers both AC and DC systems, including principles, design and site considerations, equipment options, and legal, environmental, and economic factors. 2004, New Society Publishers

Ocean Energy
Short List of Best Nature and Environmental Books

Ocean Energy: Tide and Tidal Power
R. H. Charlier and Charles W. Finkl

Tidal energy combined with that of waves and marine winds are among the most successful fossil energy replacement schemes put to work. Large scale plants are capital intensive but smaller ones have proven profitable. Since the initiation of the St. Malo project in France, similar projects have gone into active service where methods have been devised to cut down on costs, as well as new types of turbines developed. Tidal power has enormous potential. The book surveys the history of harnessing the power of the tides, and reviews recent progress in extracting power from the ocean. 2009, Springer

Ocean Wave Energy ConversionOcean Wave Energy Conversion
Michael E. McCormick

This volume will prove of vital interest to those studying the use of renewable resources. It presents physical and mathematical descriptions of the nine generic wave energy conversion techniques, along with their uses and performance characteristics, plus several electro-mechanical energy conversion techniques and worked examples. 2007, Dover

Ocean Wave Energy: Current Status and Future PerspectivesOcean Wave Energy: Current Status and Future Perspectives
Joao Cruz

Prof. Cruz provides an updated and global view on ocean wave energy conversion – of use to wave energy developers as well as for students and professors. The book is oriented to the practical solutions that this new industry has found so far and the problems that any successful device needs to face. It describes the actual principles applied to machines that convert wave power to electricity and examines state-of-the-art modern systems. 2010, Springer

Power from the WavesPower from the Waves
David Ross

Telling the story of UK wave power research and development, Ross shares his vision of wave power as a major source of renewable energy. He explains the technology involved in capturing the energy of the waves and describes the historical and political development of this technology. This book provides a unique insight into the issues of the technological decision-making process and shows the difficulty of persuading decision-makers to take "hidden" environmental costs into account as they tally up the costs of energy generated from renewable sources. 1996, Oxford University Press

Serious Microhydro
Short List of Best Nature and Environmental Books

Serious Microhydro: Water Power Solutions from the Experts
Scott Davis

Waterpower is the largest source of renewable energy in the world today, and microhydro is a mature, proven technology that can provide clean, inexpensive, renewable energy with little or no impact on the environment. Serious Microhydro brings you dozens of firsthand stories of energy independence covering a complete range of systems, from household pressure sites to higher pressure installations capable of powering a farm, business, or small neighborhood. 2010, New Society Publishers

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