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Renewable Energy:
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Recommended Books on Renewable Energy: Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Hydrogen and Fuel CellsHydrogen and Fuel Cells: A Comprehensive Guide
Rebecca L. Busby

Hydrogen has emerged as an essential area for research and technology development worldwide. This book explores the forces driving the market for hydrogen-powered fuel cells, as well as the technical and economic barriers that could derail a transition toward hydrogen energy systems. It explains how hydrogen is produced, stored, and transported, as well as the economics of these activities and their environmental impact. 2005, PennWell Corp

The Hydrogen Energy TransitionThe Hydrogen Energy Transition: Cutting Carbon from Transportation
Daniel Sperling and James S. Cannon

This authoritative book addresses the key issues and actions that need to be taken to achieve a changeover to hydrogen power as it relates to vehicles and transportation, and explores whether such a transition is likely, or even possible. The authors recognize the need to utilize hydrogen as a clean energy source, and present comprehensive information analyzing the use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel. They outline initiatives that will mold the research, development and education efforts needed for hydrogen to become commercially and politically viable. 2004, Academic Press

The Hype about Hydrogen
Short List of Best Nature and Environmental Books

The Hype about Hydrogen: Fact and Fiction in the Race to Save the Climate
Joseph J. Romm

Hydrogen has been viewed as the holy grail of clean energy; in this fascinating book, Romm, a Dept. of Energy advisor, makes a compelling case for believing that widespread use of hydrogen is still four to five decades away. The challenge facing entrepreneurs is whether to make fuel-cell vehicles marketable before the hydrogen infrastructure is in place; Romm warns that overenthusiasm for a still embryonic technology could delay its full flowering even further. Vital, readable guidance for investors, environmentalists and those looking towards a clean energy future. 2005, Island Press

Tomorrow's Energy
Short List of Best Nature and Environmental Books

Tomorrow's Energy: Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, and the Prospects for a Cleaner Planet
Peter Hoffmann

Hydrogen specialist Hoffmann chronicles the worldwide progression of hydrogen energy from a niche market to a viable commercial product. He argues that fossil fuels will not be cheap to find in the future, and that hydrogen is ideal as a nonpolluting form of energy for fuel cells. He clearly covers safety issues, economics, and the dificulty in moving our national energy policy away from fossil fuels. 2002, The MIT Press

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